alex rodríguez santibáñez
From Mexico City, MX currently based in Barcelona, SP

I've got a strong digital instinct and extensive experience in traditional media so all I try to do is to make people's lives (a tiny bit) better, funnier o exciting. This could be 20 seconds funnier, much better through an awesome brand and product experience or just by a blink with an astonishing image.

I have had the opportunity to create multiple advertising campaigns for local, national and regional clients; from concept and creative development to execution. From my early days as an art assistant and as a copywriter, and now as a creative director.

Largely self-taught (university dropout) and I am 100% spanish, 80% english, 50% french and recently a bit of catalan speaker. 

Where I am from? 
I'm currently based in Barcelona, Spain but I was born and raised in Mexico City.
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Where have I done my work?
I've had the opportunity to work with great teams in amazing agencies,
from the big names in the industryindependent & innovation agencies to design boutiques and . 

Each one of these have been an incredibly opportunity
to develop some creative work that connects brands with people.

Independently, I have developed projects of graphic identity,
websites, fashion photography and product photography + travel photos.

I'm also a Freelance photographer!
Be sure to visit the Photography Project or you can visit my Instagram or Unsplash gallery..
*Unsplash is a website with free (do whatever you want) high resolution photos. There I just upload images and give them away for free under a Creative Commons CC0 license.
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