Nike constructed a campaign to make "huevos" the rallying cry for the build up to the important game against the USA. 

"HUEVOS" was a fans-centric movement that generated rapid awareness and trust amongst the fans, and had the ability to spread quickly through fan-based communications channels.

Nike placed ads with definitions of the word "huevos" in the two bibles of football "Record" and "La Aficion". They secured an agreement with Record to replace words of encouragement in articles about the National side with the word "Huevos". A "Huevos" Facebook page whipped up supporter participation and encouraged the "Huevos" fans to get together at the Nike store before the game.

Finally, in a high profile stunt, Nike gave out 5,000 "Huevos" t-shirts and 3,000 flags to Mexico supporters at the game. Branded buses and transported fans to the match, and Nike's "Huevos" branding took over the match.

Through the campaign, Nike secured $160.000 in publicity - twice the original investment. The Facebook page received 47,330 comments & 17,300 fans compared to the Adidas official fanpage which only had 1,509 fans. The "Huevos" t-shirt is a bestseller in Mexico. And the result of the match? Mexico qualified.

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